Sainokuni Kumagaya Dome

Sainokuni Kumagaya Dome

Dome-style indoor sports facilities, including gymnasium, multi-purpose exercise room and the gym.(Audience Capacity: 3,000 people)

Multi-Purpose Sports Area

This multi-purpose sports area is the size of 11,000㎡(118403.0ft²)and artificial grass is installed.

This area can be used for gate ball, grand golf, sports festivals and such.
Most of the time this area is rented out for 8 tennis courts and 2 futsal courts.

The Gymnasium

The size of the arena of this gymnasium is 3,300 ㎡(35520.90ft²). Without dividers this building is used for a multi-purpose sports facility. This gymnasium can be used for 3 basketball courts, 4 volleyball or 20 badminton courts.

Characteristics of the Facility

  • The membrane structure this Dome-shaped architecture provides is a large space.
  • The membrane roof provides the illumination to the inside and weight saving for the architecture.
  • Potential for large-scaled events, such as exhibitions and trade fairs without dividers between the gymnasium and the multi-purpose sports area.
  • Eco-friendly design utilizing solar power, solar heat, natural light, natural ventilation and rain water.

Track and Field Stadium

Track and Field Stadium

This is a Type One official track and field stadium. Photo determination devices are installed and an indoor facility is provided.

  • This is a Type One official track and field facility. This is known as a record-breaking facility because it was designed with consideration of the wind directions. The track has 9 lanes, 4 runways for jumps and 2 pole vault runways.
  • In addition to track and field, this facility is used for a soccer field.
  • Friendly to visitors/users who are elderly and/or physically challenged. All the concourses are connected with elevators and slopes.
  • Eco-friendly design utilizing solar power, solar heat, natural light, natural ventilation and rain water.
  • A warehouse specifically for emergency disasters is available. This facility can be used as a shelter center for emergency occasions.

Lighting Facility

Photo determination devices

Indoor training facility

Eco-friendly facility

Sub ground for track and fieldy

Throwing Areas

Top-quality Rugby Stadium for Rugby Town Kumagaya

Rugby Stadium for Rugby Town Kumagaya

This is the only facility in the country that can provide 3 fields specifically designated for rugby.

  • The new stadium is one of the largest rugby stadiums, with an audience capacity of 24,000 people
  • This is the most ideal environment where people of various generations will be moving and be moved.
  • The audience area is near the pitch, nearly touchable by the players
  • The distance from the very front section of the main stand to the touch-line is 9 meters (9yd 2.527559ft). 8 meters (8yd 2.246719ft) from the back stand.
  • With the low ground-level difference between the pitch and the audience area, the audience can see the teams’ lifting upon line-out. Feel the powerful atmosphere!

Night Game Facility

An excellent environment for the very best game performance with high quality LED lights being installed.

Grass (TifGrand)

Western hybrid grass suitable for a warm climate area is installed. The first TifGrand grass installation within the country in a sport facility.

TifGrand is known for its high density, better cushioning and high quality of recovering. This grass is also known as high safety grass because of the alleviation of damage to athletes.

Floor Information

(Partial) Sub Facilities Information

Players waiting room
Player entrance
View box
VIP lounge

Soft Ball Grounds

High quality soft ball field with natural grass.

Golf Grounds

This approximately about 7000㎡(75347.37ft²) area is designated for grand golf and located on the south side of the grass area. With the combination of the grass area, a course with 16 holes can be available.


Open to visitors who are 16 years and older
A well-equipped gym with shower rooms available.

Jogging Trail

This jogging course is 4,380 meters (2mi 1270.026yd) long.
On the soft ground, runners are encouraged to stay one way for safety reason. This trail has been very popular for both runners and walkers.

The "Let’s Go Around Japan Project" is available at any time for runners/walkers. !Prizes will be presented according to his/her record.

Play Ground for Children

Children under 12 years are welcome to play in this playing area.

Sand Box and Wooded Deck

Area for toddlers.
Strollers and wheel chairs accessible.

Large Playground Equipment

For children approximately 6-8 years old.

Combination Playground Equipment

For Children approximately 9-12 years and older.

Observation Area

Popular Spot with the Giant Slide

Splash park is available during summer season

For Users of Young Children’s Pool Area

  • Only for children who have not entered grade school (approximate age of 6 and younger) Children must be accompanied by parents or guardians.
  • This facility is not for use on days of inclement weather and/or facility maintenance.
  • Visitors MUST take their trash home with them.
  • No bicycles No pets allowed in this area.

Bicycles and Battery Cars

Rental Bicycles

Enjoy cycling in the park!

Business Hours: Every day except for days the park is closed.
9 am - 4 pm
*Please check-in by 3 pm
At the Check-In Counter in the Kumagaya Dome

Battery Cars

Children may enjoy the rides, in addition to the Children’s Area and the Observation Area.

Business Days: Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays
Business Hours: 9 am – 4 pm

*Due to inclement weather and/or park events, equipment rentals may be cancelled.
Fee: 100 Yen / one ride (approximately 90 seconds)
*Please insert a 100 Yen coin for a battery car.