Park Map

Here is the information on the park facilities.

Kumagaya Sports & Culture Park MAP

About Kumagaya Sports & Culture Park

Kumagaya Sports & Culture Park was selected as the main location of the 59th National Sports Festival, "Hospitable Sports Festival at Land of Colors," which was held in fall of 2004. (The 16th of Year of the Heisei Period.)

We have a track and field stadium and indoor sports facility (aka Land of Colors Kumagaya Dome) as well as a rugby field, walking trails, a therapeutic botanical garden (aka Hill of Four Seasons) and Nigiwai Plaza.

The track and field grounds and the Dome are eco-friendly facilities. Solar power and rain water are used in the facilities. Plus, with slopes and braille blocks, the facilities are designed to be friendly to the physically challenged and the elderly.

Policy for the Facility Installations

  • All the facilities were installed for the National Sports Festival games as the main event locations.

  • The area near the social welfare facility complex is made as an area where anyone can enjoy each other’s company, along with the elderly and/or physically and mentally challenged.

  • Under the audience seating area of the track and field stadium, the helicopter port and disaster prevention warehouse are installed as a disaster prevention facility.

  • Eco-friendly facility: solar power generation units, utilization equipment for rain water and a recycle yard for weeds and branches.

  • Parking areas are located on the north side of the park, with easy access from the major roads.

Park Policy for Users

In respect of safety and enjoyment of others, all users must follow those rulers that are decided by Manager of the Office of Kumagaya Sports & Culture Park

Behaviors and actions below are prohibited:

  • To damage the park facility and/or properties of the park.
  • To cultivate and/or damage the plants in the park property.
  • Abandoning, capturing, physically threating and/or feeding of animals.
  • Putting posters or something equivalent up in the park property without permissions.
  • Raising flags, distributing flyers, advertising with/without megaphones.
  • Entering the areas that are prohibited to enter.
  • Entering with and/or parking vehicles and/or motorcycles in the area that are not allowed to.
  • Littering
  • Selling items, collecting donations and/or equivalent without permission.
  • Photographing for business purposes without permission.
  • Conducting events that are entertainment, competitions, exhibitions, expositions, gathering and/or equivalent without permission.
  • Conducting events that involve fire, such as fireworks and bon fires without permission.
  • Conducting actions that could cause harm to other visitors, such as unleashing dogs and/or golf practicing.
  • Conducting actions that are inappropriate and/or could disrespect other visitors.
  • Conducting actions that would violate the policies that are given by the Manager of the Office of Kumagaya Sports & Culture Park.

Policies for Bicycles Users

Please cycle slowly within the park

Keep your speed low when using competition bicycles and/or electric unicycles.

Cycling on jogging trails (tartan tracks) is prohibited.

All users and visitors are asked for cooperation for the safety and enjoyment of others.